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Origins: The Crossing

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Article number: BK-CROSS-CS

Under the shadow of an ominous, double solar eclipse, Earth as we know it is changing forever... In a horrific world, where natural disasters are commonplace and food is as scarce as the hopes and dreams of the few who have survived, John Mitchell must find the courage, and the strength, to overcome his personal demons, and possibly the Devil himself. Circumventing radical religious extremists who believe it to be Armageddon while battling Braedon, the clock, and his own broken heart, John must find a way to complete the seemingly impossible task of saving the woman he loves, Earth, and the billions of tortured souls locked deep within it. From the Amazon best-selling author of ORIGINS. The Crossing, Part II of the new, thought provoking series, takes us on a journey even deeper into the controversial, yet compelling, world of what we think we know to be true.