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Peaceful Persistence

Michael Perry
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Article number: BK-PEACPER

A collection of brief essays on memorials and mercy, storms and farewells, family and fowl, barnyard ballets, the Sunday night sads, the wisdom of roadies, cucumbers and kindness, quotidian asparagus, appropo malaprops, pickleball, sushi boats and weird TV, the poetics of garlic, contrails, Mobius mind-grooves, quietude, Christmas tree injuries, cats, waffle houses, puffy partridges, bonfire bonhomie, dating in a hearse, and a weird evening involving Neil Gaiman, the aforementioned sushi, and Suze Orman.

Including columns originally published between April 2018 and March 2020, Peaceful Persistence picks up where Perry’s most recent collection Million Billion left off, with Roughneck Grace and From the Top completing the quartet.