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Project Bloom: Diverse Reflections on Surviving the Pandemic

Lisa M Alexander (Author), Joshua Potter-Efron (Editor)
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Project Bloom: Diverse Reflections on Surviving the Pandemic provides one window into the experience of the pandemic in the United States. The voices in this book are those of persons whose stories have gone untold. Twenty-four artists, poets, and writers, from California to New York, share their experiences during isolation, discrimination, illness, aging, disability, and more.

Contributors include Joyce E. Balls-Berry, Bonnie Burgeson, Kay Campbell, Carol Coussons de Reyes, Heidi Gumz, Jill D. Flagel, Ray Lacina, Tone Lanzillo, Peg Carlson Lauber, Jerome Lawrence, Autumn Mirassou, Rebecca de la Motte, Kristina Orr, Karla Pizano, Katherine Schneider, Adrian Spratt, Nena Sylvia Toy St. Louis, Peggy Trojan, Michael Warner, Kyle Whipple, Nga-Wing Anjela Wong, along with the editors, Lisa Alexander and Joshua Potter-Efron.