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Sugar's Dance

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Article number: BK-KEME-CS

As an accomplished ballroom dance instructor, Tula ‘Sugar’ DuBois runs a thriving business on the shores of Lake Superior…until her brother’s undercover case throws her life into dangerous chaos.

Enter Donovan Walsh, a task force agent assigned to her protection. His job? Keep the target safe until the madman is caught. A simple assignment for Van until he comes face-to-face with the beautiful but broken Sugar.

As romance blooms between Sugar and Van, the cloak of winter lulls them into a false sense of security. Then an attempt is made on Sugar’s life, and Van must race against the clock to find her hunter and bring him to justice. Will their newfound love be enough to protect them from the danger, or will they be DOA when the final note plays?

Sugar's Dance is a heart-pounding romantic suspense that takes readers on an exciting journey of danger, suspense, grief, healing, and true love.