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Sun - Soaked Shadows

by hannah alley (Author)
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Sun-Soaked Shadows is a soulful companion into the heart of the wild, guiding us through the depths of grief into the lush landscapes of love. In her debut collection, emerging poet Hannah Alley invites readers to sink into the quicksand of grief, finding a fresh literary footing in the fertile soil of sorrow while tearing at the dense loam of loss. Turning to the wisdom of nature, she grounds herself in stanzas cultivated by memory and meditation, musing on what it means to heal our deepest wounds by seeding new terrains of possibility and wonder. It is here she scatters hope, harvesting resilience and wrestling with God to discover that despite the darkness of what lies beneath–or behind–we need only look up to see the light, and step forward into these Sun-Soaked Shadows.