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Superhuman Being

by L.J. Winter (Author), Azul Terronez (Foreword)
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SuperHuman Being: Be Bold Be Imperfect Be Present and Recover

Are you battling mood swings or intense feelings of sadness, anxiousness, despair, or loneliness?

Millions of people worldwide suffer from a mental health condition, addiction, or trauma.

Through his own journey to healing anxiety, depression, and childhood trauma, L. J. Winter discovered that the secret to uncovering your SuperHuman Being is being content to radically accept who you are. This is possible for you.

Inside you’ll learn to:

Recognize recovery is unique for each person.
Identify strategies that aid you in the healing process.
Emotionally support a person with these conditions.
SuperHuman Being will challenge, inspire, and enable you to pursue your unique path of recovery. Allow L. J. to take you on his journey toward becoming a SuperHuman Being and teach you to create this for yourself. Now is the time to Be Bold, Be Imperfect, Be Present, and Recover.

L. J. Winter made a commitment at 30 years old to feel better. Recovery is helping him heal from childhood physical and emotional abuse, living with a parent that suffered from bipolar disorder, his own suicidal ideation, and an eating disorder. He is uniquely qualified to guide others through their journey of healing. After a decades-long career in social work, he is now a Certified Peer Specialist who facilitates a weekly peer support group.