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The Best Tent Camping Guide From Novice to Expert

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Do you enjoy tent camping, but every trip you seem to be missing a critical piece to your gear? Are you a tent camper that goes as often as you can in the summer months, but want to expand how early or late in the year that you go? Are you a novice tent camper that just doesn't know where to begin? In The Best Tent Camping Guide, you will find help for all of these situations, plus a lot more!

Outdoor enthusiast and four-decade camper Darren Kirby has put together a guide that will help you to streamline your camping so that you can avoid the hassles and get to what's important: enjoying the great outdoors! In this book you'll discover:
+ The dos and don'ts of choosing the right tent
+ How you can seriously overspend on gear – and how to avoid it!
+ How to pick the best campsite in any campground
+ How to care for your gear to make it last for years

No matter where you are in your tent camping career, you'll find useful information. This is a no-frills book that puts you in control of having the best tent camping experience, time after time.