Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The End of The Road

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Article number: BK-3860-CS

Regardless of one's age, empty pockets and true joy and contentment may seem like peculiar bedfellows. The End of the Road will ignite a spark, electrify, and challenge the reader's head, heart, and spirit to fully engage in life right in the corner where he or she is right now. Regardless of life's circumstance, the key to happiness can be found within us all to discover and tap. Catch the impassioned zest as you laugh, cry, participate, and rejoice in the lives of this rural Wisconsin family where spring has always followed the winter. The family learned, as did Carl Sandburg, to let the dust of the travelled road touch their hands and face, and, when encountering a bump in the road, to choose opportunity and adventure versus obstacle and barricade, and to face life head-on.