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The Gift - Volume 1

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Article number: BK-TGV1-CS

The endless and living wind river arose from the deepest, interior of the heavens, and it flowed throughout the heavens. The enormous wind river is glistening, shimmering, and glasslike. A translucent image of a man can be seen flowing within the wind river who is kneeling with his face directed downward, palms touching, and his fingertips pointing upwards. The wind river is a vast ocean of living life which bears the hallowed gifts of faith, hope, trust, love, forgiveness, wisdom, understanding, compassion, acceptance, and patience. The Gift is the wind river which contains the translucent image of a man who is ceaselessly praying. I have endless times been cradled by the loving arms of the wind river, and I have received the bountiful, hallowed gifts-likewise all who embrace the wind river will be cradled and will receive the hallowed gifts. The Gift is the translucent image of a man who is steadfastly praying until all is fulfilled, and all are flowing within the ceaseless, moving wind river.