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The John Buxton Experience

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Article number: MU-JBEX-CS
John Buxton is an Eau Claire native who has been playing rock n roll music in and around Eau Claire for well over a decade. Most notably, he played drums in Goo Maid from 2012-2016, drums in Caveat from 2015-2016, bass in Distant Friends from 2015-2018. He currently plays bass in the legendary Eau Claire rock band, the Jaggernauts and drums in the Giants of Midgard. The John Buxton Experience is his solo effort. He writes all the songs himself and plays all of the instruments on its' recordings. The John Buxton Experience has existed since 2017. In 2017, the Experience released two EPs, Rinse and Repeat and Buxton II. Portal to Heck, the latest Experience EP, was released in December 2020. Portal to Heck is also the first effort the John Buxton has put out that has also been released on vinyl. Portal to Heck has been reviewed in Maximum Rocknroll and VolumeOne. John has also released three singles: My Best Friend is a Human Being in 2018 and Special Edition Sk8boardings in 2019.