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Uff Da Card Game

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Article number: THNG-UFFDACG

Friendly Face to Face Family Fun. For ages 7 and up. More fun than a family should be allowed to have, exciting rivalry right down to the last card played.

The Original UFF-DA Game

UFF-DA is a Dominoes/UNO like number sequence matching game, for ages 7 and up. All of the UFF-DA family of games promote personal interactions with Friendly Face to Face Family Fun  using the characteristic verbal expressions “UFF-DA!” and “Next”. 

The “COIN” and “UFF-DA” penalties are well defined, but they can be ignored if all players agree not to enforce the penalties. A detailed game descriptions and score sheets are available online at the UFFDA.CARDS website under the Game Play tab..

The object of the Original UFF-DA game is to have the lowest point score total at the end of the 10th and final round. Bonus points are awarded and subtracted from the winning player’s score at the end of each round. The bonus points are progressive, i.e. they increase by 5 for each round. The 1st round awards 5 bonus points to the winning player that declares UFF-DA at their last card and plays all their cards on the branches. The 2nd round winner is awarded 10 points, the 3rd 15 points, etc. with 50 bonus points awarded to the 10th round winner.