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What Young Women May Not Know - The Sequel

Sharon Weeks
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Article number: BK-WYWMNK-CS

When I wrote “What Young Women May Not Know” a few years ago, I printed it, hit “send” and filed my hard copy. I was pleased to see a week later that the Leader-Telegram had printed it and I saved a copy of that. Mission accomplished. The end. A few weeks later, my daughter, Lynn, called to tell me it had gone viral! I had not anticipated any comments at all, let alone the 4,000 plus that followed. I printed every day for a couple of months.

Eventually I got it together and decided that I needed to share what all of these people had to say. They were from women and men, younger and older, positive and negative. They were from 47 states and countries all over the world including Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Uganda, Mexico and more. I didn't think it fair to keep it all to myself as they were so informative and passionate. So I present them to you here, 500 plus comments which I think show a fair representation of all. Many are people's personal stories or the stories of their parents or grandparents. I am sure you will find some with which you agree. You will find some that provoke thought on issues you hadn't thought of much before, if at all. Some will make you sad, some will disturb you and some will make you laugh. You will be affected.