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Wisconsin Waters: The Ancient History of Lakes, Rivers, and Waterfalls

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Scott Spoolman

Every Wisconsin waterway has a story, from the Great Lakes and the Mighty Mississippi to thousands of interior lakes, rivers, and trout streams. Wisconsin Waters takes readers on an epic tour of the geologic, natural, and human stories that have shaped these aquatic landscapes over millions of years.

In this companion to his popular Wisconsin State Parks, Scott Spoolman journeys to the distant past to examine the origins of Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and wetlands. In his accessible storytelling style, Spoolman details the natural forces—volcanic eruptions, ancient seas, erosion, glaciers, and more—that created these bodies of water and the resulting habitats for the state’s fl ora, fauna, and early peoples.

More than a geology or natural history book, Wisconsin Waters invites readers to visit waterways in four regions of the state, where they can view the modern-day evidence of how they were formed. Nineteen travel guides suggest ways to explore a selection of Wisconsin waterscapes, providing a better understanding of the land’s history that will enhance readers’ enjoyment of and appreciation for our freshwater resources.

About the author
SCOTT SPOOLMAN is the author of Wisconsin State Parks: Extraordinary Stories of Geology and Natural History. As a science writer, he has focused on environmental science and natural history stories of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.